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About Us

PRATIMA represents a style sensibility that
is bohemian, sleek and sexy. 

Drawing upon travel destinations for thematic inspiration, the effortlessly glamorous collection is defined by easy-to-wear silhouettes, vibrant colors, delicate natural fabrics with high-precision finishing, and a modern, creative mix of detailing. Exquisite hand embroidery, embellishments, tambour beading and needlework are just a few of the distinctive techniques that set the line apart. The finest, fluid materials range from rich silks, chiffons, and georgettes to other plush textiles. Some of the PRATIMA® pieces are beautifully adorned, while others are elegant in their simplicity. The common thread throughout the collection, however, embraces the languid lifestyle we all love to live. Each look is a perfect blend of elements from the Exotic East to those of the Tropical West, combined with a contemporary vision and a free-spirited aesthetic. All of the exquisite embroidery and embellishments that decorate the garments throughout the collection are done by highly skilled artisans. The PRATIMA brand is manufactured in India and is socially responsible.


Every piece in the collection is dreamed up by Toronto-based designer Pratima, a world traveler inspired by the sun-drenched beaches of her childhood and teens. Growing up in South America and, later, Miami, she delighted in the sultry summers, sand, and surf, and developed a creative, bohemian sense of style. As a lifelong fashion lover, Pratima first started creating her own tunics, dresses, and skirts as a passion project, originally selling the pieces privately to her circle of friends, and by word of mouth. But an Alaskan cruise in 2015 changed everything: While on vacation, Pratima kept receiving compliments on the outfits she had made, and her fellow travelers asked where they could get the clothes. The enthusiasm they showed sparked Pratima’s desire to bring her signature aesthetic to women everywhere. Today, she is deeply involved in the entire design process, from fabric sourcing to creating detailed patterns, choosing all the embellishments and collaborating with craftspeople.


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